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3 Ways to Make Your First Christmas Together Special

The holiday season is arguably the most romantic time of year. There is something in the air. We see couples getting engaged between Thanksgiving and the New Year more and more and we just love it. If you’re newly engaged or married, there’s even more to celebrate this year. To help you make your first year engaged or married even more special, we have put together some of our favorite ways to start your own holiday traditions to hold for years to come.


Print and frame photos of your proposal or engagement party, as well as your gorgeous wedding ceremony and reception. Don’t forget to keep photos of your families around you as well, and don’t forget your adorable nieces and nephews. If you have a Christmas tree, decorate it with memories like dried flowers from your bouquet. Keep this tradition alive by doing it each year to make this season truly yours.


It can be difficult to get quality time together with all of the holiday parties on the calendar with family and friends. Be sure to set time aside to reconnect without anyone asking for your time and reflect on the past year, making plans for the future and what the next year will look like. Maybe even set a calendar reminder for the next year to revisit your plan and see what you were able to accomplish. This is a great bonding exercise to say close during the chaos that is the holidays.



This one feels like a no-brainer but many new couples forget to start their own traditions, getting wrapped up into their respective family traditions. Pick a few things you can do together each year easily. Some examples are opening one gift on Christmas Eve, or the day after Christmas brunch, and our favorite, Kir Royale champagne cocktails on Christmas day.