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Amalfi Coast > Coasters: Why you should consider a honeymoon fund instead of a registry

When it comes to wedding gifts, the registry is a long-standing tradition. However, times have changed since your parents exchanged their nuptials. Nowadays, many partners co-habit before they tie the knot so they might already have everything they need. Additionally, many people are opting to live in smaller homes where they are trying to minimize clutter. Something that we can all agree upon though is the need for a vacation. And so here are reasons why you should forgo the bar cart and have your loved ones send you on the getaway of a lifetime!

After all the planning for your big day, you probably never want to look at napkin colors again or figure out how many puffed pastries you need to serve during cocktail hour. Instead of unwrapping, packing and moving presents, it’s time to relax. After all, you deserve it for throwing a fantastic party.

Ultimately, if there is something on your wish list, you can always purchase it on your own or save it for another special occasion or holiday. Traveling creates unforgettable experiences and lifelong memories that you especially want to share as newlyweds.

Services like Traveler’s Joy and Honey Fund allow you to create a customized itinerary that includes awine tour, sunset cruise, andcooking class among others. By suggesting personalized activities, guests feel like they’re contributing to something tangible and meaningful. Isn’t itmore exciting to give a massage worth $150 than simply cutting a check for that same amount?

At the end of the day, people will feel like they are part of your first trip as a married couple together. Plus, the photos taken on thrilling excursions can make pretty awesome thank-you cards.