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Details and Visions: The Essential Ingredients of a Successful Wedding

When it comes to weddings, success is in the details. Anyone who has planned a large event, be it a wedding, anniversary party or other major celebration, will tell you that the details are what make for a memorable event. Have a vision Among the first questions we ask clients are, “What is your vision?” and “What is your preferred color scheme?” The color scheme extends to all aspects of an event. In this example, the theme extends from the drapes and wall hangings to the tables, centerpieces, chair covers and...

Planning a Summer Wedding? Here’s What You Should be Doing Right Now

It is never too early to start planning and making decisions for a summer wedding. You soon will need to make a number of critical choices.  Here are suggestions for what you need to do now, while it is still spring: Florals Select your floral design. Although most florists can supply any flower any time of the year, it can be more cost-effective and personal to select flowers that are in season. Luckily, the summer months provide a plethora of beautiful blooms such assnapdragon, spider chrysanthemum, sunflower, freesia, bells of...