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Hod Invite

Wedding Invitations: Traditional or Digital?

Although not many people send letters to communicate anymore, wedding invitations traditionally have always been printed and mailed. However, more and more bride-to-bes are breaking the mold and going the online route. We’re here to investigate the pros of each option! Whether it’s a holiday card or care package, there’s something about receiving mail that makes you feel special – and it’s no different in this case. Paper materials are nostalgic, sentimental, and personal. In general, they also look more formal. Another thing to consider is that e-vites could...

“I Do” by YOU: Tips on writing your own vows

So you’ve decided to forgo traditional vows and write your own. While this makes the exchange during your ceremony more personal and meaningful, there is more pressure since you’re not just simply reciting. No need to fret–here are things to consider when jotting down your speech! Start by thinking about the qualities you adore most about your fiancé. For this, it’s helpful to take a trip down memory lane. How was your first date? When did you know that this was your forever person? What are you looking forward...

Tis The Season

‘Tis the season: Why you should have a holiday party and why you need to plan it now!

With the holidays around the corner comes the rush of filling your social calendar with Friendsgivings and ugly Christmas sweater parties, finding the best deals on Black Friday, and shopping for presents. Before the frenzy begins, it’s important to take a step back and reflect on this year—and what better way to celebrate than a holiday party? Here are reasons why you should organize a festive shindig and why there’s no better time to start then now! Tis the season of warm and intimate gatherings, comforting and hearty meals,...