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wedding decor trends 2020

Five wedding décor trends 2020

As the world is fighting against coronavirus, the wedding season 2020 is officially postponed. There is so much stress associated with the spreading of the infection but isolation also allows us to gather our thoughts and reflect on important things. That’s how we came up with these wedding décor trends.

  • Eco-friendliness. Sustainability is a big trend in all industries, and wedding planning is no exception. Some couples use their flower wall for both the ceremony and reception. Recently we asked in Instagram stories if our followers would decorate their wedding day with plants in pots. This idea still seems weird to some of the people but it’s going to become more popular. Not all couples can afford fresh cut flowers to decorate their big day, and plants in pots may be a great option for them. Check out our blog post about Boho themed weddings, and how plants in pots can be incorporated to decorate such a wedding.
  • More bright colors. While the pastel color palette is still one of the most popular on our Instagram page, many couples opt for brighter colors and unusual color combinations. Wedding Wire reports that warm colors are on the rise, too.
  • Artificial flowers mixed with real flowers. Some designers cringe when they hear about artificial flowers. But think of them as a substitute for rare flowers that are unavailable due to seasonality. A few artificial flowers can complement fresh florals in bridal bouquets or centerpieces.
  • Statement décor elements. Some couples pick one décor element and make it the center of everybody’s attention. For instance, they pick a gorgeous wedding stage, have it decorated with a floral curtain, a chandelier and flower bouquets on the pedestals. Their stage décor is intended to create a WOW effect. If you have a statement décor element like this, we recommend keeping table décor and everything else simple.
  • Individualization. Couples want their wedding décor to be reflecting their personalities. We never repeat ourselves and love being creative, and this trend is our favorite among all five!

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