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outdoor wedding decor

Five tips on picking outdoor wedding decor


If you are getting married outside, you have probably thought through the whole scenario. Obviously, you know that the weather is unpredictable, and sometimes it snows in May. But let’s imagine that the weather is just perfect, and your wedding is happening outside without any implications. How do you decorate an outside wedding of your dreams?

  • Consider the color palette of the season. If it’s spring or summer, it will be mostly green outside (unless you are getting married on the beach). Fall is popular among couples because of its bright colors. The colors of your décor should complement the main colors of the season.
  • Research the venue. This should be your starting point. Where exactly will the ceremony take place? Are there trees? Trees can be decorated with hanging objects (like candle holders). Will you be married under an arch, mandap or Chuppah? Is there one or do you need to rent one? How would you like to decorate it? Where will you sit your guests? Where will the reception take place?
  • If your reception is an outdoor one, you’ve got so many things to think of! Lighting is one of them. Will it be safe to use candles for your reception? They surely look great on Pinterest but the manager of the venue can allow only battery-operated candles. Light strings look romantic and create ambiance but you need to attach them to something. Speaking of something – are there going to be tents above the tables?
  • Are you going to distribute blankets when it’s going to become darker and colder? If you had an indoor event, you wouldn’t need to take care of lighting and blankets! If you are still reading and didn’t decide to pass on an outdoor wedding idea, know that there is good news, too. For example, outdoor table décor is usually simpler than regular indoor wedding decor.
  • Other good news is that your creativity is not limited at all! Indoor weddings are usually decorated with various floral arrangements and candles. For an outdoor event, décor options are numerous! Tree trunk photo display? Windchimes? Decorative barrels?

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