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sweetheart table decor

Sweetheart table décor ideas

Sweetheart table or head table – which one to choose?

If you are researching sweetheart table ideas, the chances are high you have already decided to have a sweetheart table instead of a head table. Just in case we remind you that sweetheart table is intended only for the couple. Head tables fit a bigger company sweetheart table decorusually consisting of the couple, maid of honor, and best man (and their dates). Ask yourself: would you prefer being at the table by yourself or do you need friends by your side? Think it over and discuss it with your partner.

What’s so difficult about sweetheart table décor?

The head table is usually large, and it can be decorated with low or high centerpieces (or both). Sweetheart table décor is trickier because it implies a more intimate atmosphere, and its décor should reflect it. But at the same time sweetheart table is going to be the center of everybody’s attention; so “keeping it simple” strategy may not be the best option – you don’t want it to be visually lost among other tables. In other words, your goal is to make a statement without going overboard.

Our approach to sweetheart table décor

If you look at the pictures with sweetheart tables we decorated, you may notice that there are two main options – accent centerpieces and floral runners. sweetheart table decor

Floral runners look modern and stylish, while accent centerpieces add some classiness. We always use candles to enhance the intimacy of any sweetheart table.  Glittery tablecloth, fancy cutlery and glassware are other ways to make your sweetheart table shine. If you had a floral backdrop or arch at the ceremony, you can use them as a décor for your sweetheart table, too.

What we definitely would never use to decorate sweetheart tables are high centerpieces. If you are dying to be sitting near one of the high floral structures, just go with the head table.