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How to decorate an Indian wedding celebration

Sangeet, Mehndi, and the reception

South Asian weddings are so much different from the regular American weddings! Indian wedding celebrations can last several days or even a week. They usually begin with Sangeet, or what we would call now a pre-party. At sangeet, two families meet each other and celebrate by singing and dancing together. After Sangeet, Mehndi ceremony takes place. Mehndi is a more relaxed party, for which the bride gets her hands and feet painted with henna. The last part of the celebration is the reception.

Key elements of Indian wedding decor

Of course, there are some special décor elements that reflect Indian ancient traditions and make the celebration unforgettable.

Colorful Indian Textile

It’s hard to imagine an Indian wedding without colorful textile!

• Mandap is a covered structure under which Indian wedding rituals take place. Guests watch the ceremony sitting in front of the mandap, usually decorated with flowers, fabric, and lights. Under the canopy, there are chairs for the bride, groom, and their parents, and a table for the sacred fire. We provide mandap rentals and can decorate them as you wish.

• Ganesh (or Ganesha) figure can be seen at some Indian weddings. Ganesh is a God of wisdom and salvation and is depicted with the head of an elephant. Traditionally, people used to pray to Ganesh before the wedding, so he would remove obstacles staying on the way of a couple.

• Colorful drapes, linens, and rugs are essential to Indian décor in general, and Indian wedding décor is no exception. We love to decorate Southasian weddings with bright pillows and umbrellas

Indian decor candles and vases

Vases with floating candles and flowers are perfect Indian table decor

• Lanterns, candles, and diyas (traditional Indian oil lamps) set a romantic mood and create a very special ambiance. Adding vases with floating candles and flowers is also a very Indian way to decorate an event.

Planning an Indian wedding celebration or an Indian theme party?  Our portfolio has many ideas you can use for some inspiration because South Asian wedding decor is one of our specialties. Book your free consultation with our designers today, and we will do our best to make your dreams come true!