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Use our simple timeline to stay sane while planning a wedding

So, how to plan a wedding and not go crazy?
The short answer would be “hire help”. But it’s not that simple. Hiring wedding planners can make the whole process easier but it doesn’t mean that the celebration of your dreams will be prepared without your participation. You will need to communicate your thoughts and ideas as clearly as possible making sure that you are heard and understood.

What if you can’t afford planners and have to do everything on your own?

First of all, don’t stress and make a chronological wedding planning timeline.

Most American couples spend around 12 months to plan a wedding. But everybody is different. Some people need weeks to reflect on the wedding theme and guest list; others pick venue, menu, and decorations in one sitting.
Based on our wedding planning experience, we created a timeline that can be adapted for your needs.

• Set up a budget. Any event planning starts with money.
• Make a guest list. Revise a guest list.
• Determine a concept. Is it going to be a small family gathering or a party without children? Modern or traditional? Indoor or outdoor? Your partner should be working with you on this because it’s one of the most important things on the list.
• Pick a venue based on your guest list and a concept.
• Hire vendors (food, décor, entertainment…)
• Make a wedding registry.
• Send out invitations.
• Buy an outfit.
• Choose a hair/makeup stylist. Set up a trial.
• Create a sitting chart.

Secondly, always go back to your timeline. Weddings are all about details, but you need to keep the big picture in your head.
Thirdly, don’t forget to enjoy your engagement period. After all, your wedding is a celebration of your love, and it shouldn’t create too much stress and anxiety.