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Wedding Invitations: Traditional or Digital?

Although not many people send letters to communicate anymore, wedding invitations traditionally have always been printed and mailed. However, more and more bride-to-bes are breaking the mold and going the online route. We’re here to investigate the pros of each option!

Whether it’s a holiday card or care package, there’s something about receiving mail that makes you feel special – and it’s no different in this case. Paper materials are nostalgic, sentimental, and personal. In general, they also look more formal. Another thing to consider is that e-vites could easily get lost in your inbox depending on the volume of messages. Older guests may not initially think to check there either.

There’s no arguing that digital invites are quick, affordable, and overall, more efficient. They will save you time, money, and ultimately, stress. It’s particularly cost-effective if you have loved ones coming in from all over the country/world. It’s easier to keep track of RSVPs and notes such as plus ones and dietary restrictions. It’s also more environmentally friendly and makes sense if you’re planning last minute.

What’s your preferred method?