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“I Do” by YOU: Tips on writing your own vows

So you’ve decided to forgo traditional vows and write your own. While this makes the exchange during your ceremony more personal and meaningful, there is more pressure since you’re not just simply reciting. No need to fret–here are things to consider when jotting down your speech!

Start by thinking about the qualities you adore most about your fiancé. For this, it’s helpful to take a trip down memory lane. How was your first date? When did you know that this was your forever person? What are you looking forward to for your future? Don’t be afraid of coming off too sentimental– these emotions are coming straight from your heart!

Give everyone a glimpse into your relationship by sharing special moments, funny stories and silly quirks. Laughter lightens the mood especially if you’re nervous. Feel free to reference inside jokes or give more context to your anecdotes.

Find inspiration. Include your favorite line from a movie, famous quote or lyric from a song. After all, these are tried-and-tested expressions of love.

Make promises – whether it’s to never go ahead on Netflix shows or to support each other no matter where life takes you. Marriage is a commitment (and your friends and family are all witnesses).

Lastly, be yourself. While you’ll want to strive to be poetic and eloquent, at the end of the day, your wedding is about you two. You got this!