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wedding decor trends 2020

Five wedding décor trends 2020

As the world is fighting against coronavirus, the wedding season 2020 is officially postponed. There is so much stress associated with the spreading of the infection but isolation also allows us to gather our thoughts and reflect on important things. That’s how we came up with these wedding décor trends. Eco-friendliness. Sustainability is a big trend in all industries, and wedding planning is no exception. Some couples use their flower wall for both the ceremony and reception. Recently we asked in Instagram stories if our followers would decorate...

outdoor wedding decor

Five tips on picking outdoor wedding decor

  If you are getting married outside, you have probably thought through the whole scenario. Obviously, you know that the weather is unpredictable, and sometimes it snows in May. But let’s imagine that the weather is just perfect, and your wedding is happening outside without any implications. How do you decorate an outside wedding of your dreams? Consider the color palette of the season. If it’s spring or summer, it will be mostly green outside (unless you are getting married on the beach). Fall is popular among couples because...