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sweetheart table decor

Sweetheart table décor ideas

Sweetheart table or head table – which one to choose? If you are researching sweetheart table ideas, the chances are high you have already decided to have a sweetheart table instead of a head table. Just in case we remind you that sweetheart table is intended only for the couple. Head tables fit a bigger company usually consisting of the couple, maid of honor, and best man (and their dates). Ask yourself: would you prefer being at the table by yourself or do you need friends by your side?...

Wedding décor with roses: ideas and themes

Rose as an allegory of love and marriage  Thanks to marketing efforts, red roses have become a symbol of passion and love, and every year 224 million roses are grown for Valentine’ s Day in the US! As legends say, a red rose was the favorite flower of Venus – the Roman goddess of love. But rose also symbolizes hope and balance, as it’s not only beautiful but also dangerous – if you have ever pricked a finger on a rose thorn, you know how painful it is. Anne Bronte...