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How to Pick Your Wedding Colors

How to Pick Your Perfect Wedding Colors

Choosing your wedding colors doesn’t have to be a daunting task. It actually can be an exciting time for you to be in control and in touch with your authentic self. We all have certain colors that make us feel special and alive. Below are some easy steps for choosing your perfect wedding colors.  Choose a Base Color   Your base color is the one that's used most prominently throughout your wedding, and  you won't be able to build your full color palette without it. It should be a color that you...

Enchanting Winter Wonderland Wedding Décor Ideas

Just the name “Winter Wonderland” evokes visions of glistening white snow, sparkling lights and cheery people bustling about. Having your dream wedding in winter can be a very magical and romantic experience. A Winter Wonderland themed wedding is very trendy, fun and unique. Here’s some exciting décor ideas for you to consider. Winter Wedding Magical Touches Mystical Fairy Tale – Enchanting candlelight with snow accents (use artificial snowflakes), seasonal décor and accents – all add up to romance. Beads and Crystals – Silver, ivory, clear beads and crystals will...

Honeymoon Ideas for Couples

Before You Take Off On Your Honeymoon Reminders

You’re in the throes of organizing your vendors, bridal party and taking care of last minute wedding arrangements. Then to top it off, you have to think about planning the honeymoon. Yikes! Packing is easy right? Even Adam Sandler says in his song "Phone Wallet Keys" that you can go anywhere as long as you have your phone, wallet and keys...